Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beware the Eyes of MUNAX LLC

Look at your sites log files and you will surely find a lot of hits from a strange user. Check your logs for a user, that is right, a user with the IP numbers from - and you will find this user probably took several thousand gig of bandwidth trying to suck your site in. They disguise their robots as a web browser from a normal human being to get past the robots.txt and any exclusions you may put in there.

This is the evil MUNAX search engine. Lowlifes slip onto your site in disguise of a browser but hit your site with spiders. Hundreds at a time. You think your site is very popular but the page views do not grow. Why? Cause it is a robot trying to avoid your robot.txt exclusions.

A lot of sites are talking about it now and Hog Spotting is now dedicated to finding and reporting the bandwidth hogs - specially the dirty bastards like Munax!

Read about it at Tek Talk the best news in gadgets, widgets and tek news and you can download the deny.txt from there. The deny.txt is our complete list of spammers, jammers and places where spam comes from. It has every network known so far in Russia, China, South Korea, and India. Unless you have some reason to have legitimate traffic from these networks you will find them scraping, scaming and slaming your site frequently without being denied entrance. Updated all the time so check back often as you find your bandwidth eaten.

With your help we may be able to keep them at bay so give us a tip if you see something while out Hog Spotting!


mrSolar said...

What you do is greatly appreciated!!
However it looks like munax is back.
Their IPs all denied in access file but here they are again after 2 months of exclusion. How do they do it? They have new IPs? What to do?

idnytren said...

Has anyone heard of the sedooz search engine, they visited my site site today?
The page just says it's under construction but the title tells it all!

idnytren said...

Sorry about that, Im new here :(